How it Works


There are a few ways My Shirt Bin partners with others:

  • Clients WITH finished art- A company who already has artwork and ideas created, but needs help rolling their product out to the public.  
  • Clients WITHOUT finished art- Our sweet spot.  With a team of highly trained designers we can take any idea and transform it into something spectacular.  We'll work with you to design the ideal product and create a custom storefront to sell your inventory.  Email us for samples of some of our past jobs.
  • Clients who have done shirts before- Were you not happy with the last shirts you ordered from another company?  Do you think you paid too much?  My Shirt Bin can help. Give us a chance to quote a job for you.  You'll be surprised to see what we can do.  We love helping folks get their cool products online and would love the chance to help you.
  • Direct Sales- We have a number of clients who need shirts designed and/or printed, but could care less about an online store.  We can help accommodate whatever your need.

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