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    LoanStar Padfolio

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    LoanStar Balloons


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  • Loanstar Koozie

About LoanStar Home Lending

LoanStar Home Lending is a retail mortgage banking firm with experienced and respected leadership. Its Principals have track records of forming and operating successful mortgage origination companies. With an unwavering commitment to producing quality loans, LoanStar has talented mortgage professionals on board and is aggressively looking for mortgage industry professionals to help us grow.  
The LoanStar growth strategy is organic. LSHL will on-board established producers attracted by the LoanStar expertise in origination and the essential support services of processing, compliance, technology and marketing which frees sales teams to concentrate on originating quality loans and growing volume. 
Loan officers will be allowed to do what they do best: produce loans without the burdens of managing a business. We expect LO’s to have a book of business, and real estate referral partner contacts, which we will augment with traditional and non-traditional marketing and advertising. 
LoanStar’s initial footprint will be in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Texas. We will find production teams in each market and help them grow their region utilizing the strong LoanStar balance sheet and management’s expertise in growing a successful mortgage businesses.
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